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What You Should Ask Your Sacramento DUI Lawyer

There are a set number of elements that the prosecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt in order to win a conviction. Make sure your Sacramento DUI lawyer takes the time to thoroughly explain each of them to you, and make sure you tell your lawyer anything that might show one of those elements is missing.

Make sure your DUI lawyer explains the consequences you’ll face if you are convicted. This should include any the possible defenses and possible fines, your liability for damages or injuries, the maximum and minimum penalties assigned by law to the offense, the possibility that you license will be revoked or suspended, any increases in insurance premiums that a charge may incur, and any alternative sentencing options that may be open to you (e.g. alcohol education programs etc.).

Make sure you discuss the issue of perjury with your lawyer. Make sure you understand what perjury is: making false statement under oath. Make sure your lawyer explains to you the legal penalties you’d face for perjury. Your Sacramento DUI attorney will tell that you must testify truthfully, and will likely take steps to stop you if he knows you plan to perjure on the stand.

Finally, make sure you discuss with your DUI lawyer the fee arrangement between the two of you. Review a written copy of it and verify in writing that you understand and have accepted it. Your arrangement should include any retainer fees, and charges for expert testimony. Make sure you discuss these costs openly and honestly with your attorney as soon as possible, in order to avoid any disagreements in the future.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, make sure your rights are protected by contacting a Sacramento DUI lawyer right away. Call Param S. Pabla at (916) 285-7900 for an initial consultation.

Client Reviews
“Mr. Pabla represented me with my DUI case. He has excellent communication skills and always kept me informed. Mr. Pabla made sure I understood the process and my rights. He eased my mind through a very stressful situation. I highly recommend Mr. Pabla.” Gurpreet
“I am so happy with the service that I received from Param S. Pabla. Jarrett did a great job solving my legal issue and I can’t recommend him enough! He was able to do everything quickly, painlessly, and was ALWAYS available to talk when I needed him. If I ever need help again, I will definitely use him!" Boris
“Param was excellent in my court case of failure to stop at a stop sign. The officer could not see clearly because he was too far away. The officer insisted he could and said he had video but could not produce it at the trial. The officer then asked if he could suspend the trial to go get the video but the judge said he should have had plenty of time to get the video ready beforehand. Needless to say, the judge ruled in my favor and dismissed the case which enraged the officer. Pabla Param’s defense and cross examination skills were excellent and paramount in having the case dismissed. Highly recommended.” T.C.
“My husband and I needed to update everything -family trust, will, medical stuff. Param was really patient -answering all my questions -even when I asked them twice. He wanted to be sure I understood everything we were doing. All docs were sent to us so we could go through them on our own time before anything was finalized. I also liked when we were looking at medical stuff that he had a conversation with me about what I wanted and pointed out some things I didn’t think of.” Debbie