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Sept. 2020: Client Facing 3 Years in State Prison.
Charges: Carrying Firearm in Vehicle
Result: Investigated Illegal Search of Vehicle:
Aug. 2020: Client Facing 4 Years in State Prison:
Arrested For: Corporal Injury on Spouse (Domestic Violence)
Result: After Review of Case, Called DA and Had
CHARGE DISMISSED before 1st court date!

Sacramento Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Law and Defense Experience

I have been an criminal defense attorney since 2004, but my journey into criminal law started much earlier. After obtaining a business degree from the University of Southern California in 1999, Marshall School of Business, and graduating in the top 10 students from Lincoln Law School in 2004, I opened the Law Office of Param S. Pabla in January 2005. Since 2005 have been vigorously, successfully, and professionally defending clients charged with criminal charges in Sacramento and surrounding counties for over 18 years. I have extensive and exceptional experience litigating criminal cases, as well as fiercely negotiating with district attorneys and judges for the best outcome for my all clients. Each of my clients know that I am on their side and will fight for their rights and liberties.

Sex Crimes Defense

Sex crimes whether the complaining witness is an adult or minor are some of the most serious crimes charged. The stigma attached to be charged with sex crimes is enormous. Often law enforcement contacts a suspect before any charges are filed because they are building charges against you. You need an aggressive and experienced sex crime defense attorney like me to defend you from the investigation phase through trial. Having an attorney involved from the investigation stage is imperative to a potential successful defense. I protect my clients aggressively and will provide the same to you.

Aggressive Defense of Crimes

Every one of my clients is the most important client. That means every client gets an aggressive defense for the crimes they have been charged with, including a critical examination of the actions taken by my clients and the actions taken by law enforcement. All of my clients are innocent until the government proves them guilty. Many times the government cannot meet their burden. Only an experienced defense attorney can find the flaws in the government’s case. If the government violates your rights during their search or arrest, the evidence is potentially tainted and can be excluded from being used against that defendant. We thoroughly and meticulously examine whether any rights were violated and whether the arrest was lawful. If there was a search conducted, did the police have the legal right to do so? Many clients are not aware that we have the right to thoroughly investigate the case ourselves just like the government. We are not bound by the police investigation and theories into the alleged crimes. Many times, the police will not fully investigate a criminal case. Their goal is to arrest and convict. We do not tolerate that mentality. With a team of professional private investigators do the investigation to uncover the truth leading to charges being dismissed against my clients. Each criminal case is unique, just like all of my clients. Rest assured, you will get your own unique defense that digs into the truth and tests the governments’ presented version of the facts when you retain our firm.

Interest in Criminal Defense

Growing up, I enjoyed watching several television shows that focused on crime and courtroom drama. I especially liked seeing how the defense attorney would have to be creative, smart and ethical in defending his or her clients. As I grew older, I was able to witness firsthand how the actual criminal justice system worked through the experiences of family members and friends. I did not like seeing how my family and friends were taken advantage of by a system that was supposed to be equal. In reality, sometimes the system fails the most vulnerable, especially those that do not know or understand their rights fully. That is another reason why you need a experiences criminal defense attorney on your side to defend your rights. Rest assured I keep these experiences in mind when I defend each and everyone of my clients charged with crimes.

Even before I began law school, I knew I wanted to try to help people. While in law school in Sacramento, I was able to intern at the public defender’s office in Sacramento. For me, I was able to see how the criminal defense system worked in Sacramento first hand. I was able to observe judges, district attorneys, defense attorneys and most importantly the men and women charged with crimes. I saw the concerns they had with the charges they faced. I saw the good in them, even though the State charged them with crimes. I never viewed these men and women and criminals, but as men and women caught in a difficult situation. During my time at the Sacramento County Public Defender’s Office, I decided that the best way I could help make a difference was to help each client navigate through the criminal justice system in Sacramento and the surrounding counties and help each client fight for their rights. I have been a criminal defense lawyer ever since.

Over the years of being a lawyer, as I have handled more and more cases, I have seen patterns develop. I realized that some people were not as knowledgeable as others and lacked fundamental understanding of the criminal justice system. I realized that these are the people that I wanted to defend and help the most. They did not have a voice and I want to be their voice against the government. This is one of the most critical times of their lives and they need the help of an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer because their freedom and their lives are at stake. I will be there for you.

The Rewards of Being a Criminal Defense Lawyer

I am proud to be able to help people navigate through the criminal justice system and, ultimately, get a resolution that is just. My approach is that I want every criminal case dismissed from the start. That does not always happen. However, I never begin defending a client without that perspective and desire. I get to know every client and celebrate with them when we achieve a positive outcome.

It is rewarding being a check on the entire criminal justice system. Being the only person who can be the voice, and advocate for people charged with crimes. I always hold the government to their task of proving, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the government acted lawfully, and that my client is guilty. I put up an aggressive defense, and make sure I have thoroughly reviewed the evidence, investigate the case, and looked at all the alternatives for a possible resolution that is in the best interest of my client. My greatest moment of joy in representing a client charged with crimes is that in the end, getting a “thank you” from my clients is the biggest personal reward.

Client Reviews
“Mr. Pabla represented me with my DUI case. He has excellent communication skills and always kept me informed. Mr. Pabla made sure I understood the process and my rights. He eased my mind through a very stressful situation. I highly recommend Mr. Pabla.” Gurpreet
“I am so happy with the service that I received from Param S. Pabla. Jarrett did a great job solving my legal issue and I can’t recommend him enough! He was able to do everything quickly, painlessly, and was ALWAYS available to talk when I needed him. If I ever need help again, I will definitely use him!" Boris
“Param was excellent in my court case of failure to stop at a stop sign. The officer could not see clearly because he was too far away. The officer insisted he could and said he had video but could not produce it at the trial. The officer then asked if he could suspend the trial to go get the video but the judge said he should have had plenty of time to get the video ready beforehand. Needless to say, the judge ruled in my favor and dismissed the case which enraged the officer. Pabla Param’s defense and cross examination skills were excellent and paramount in having the case dismissed. Highly recommended.” T.C.
“My husband and I needed to update everything -family trust, will, medical stuff. Param was really patient -answering all my questions -even when I asked them twice. He wanted to be sure I understood everything we were doing. All docs were sent to us so we could go through them on our own time before anything was finalized. I also liked when we were looking at medical stuff that he had a conversation with me about what I wanted and pointed out some things I didn’t think of.” Debbie
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